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Love beats hatred juli 24, 2011

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A young survivor from the shooting at Utøya in Norway 22. July 2011 was interviewed by CNN and asked if they now wanted to fight terror more intensely.

Her answer was: «If one man can show this much hatred, imagine how much love we can show together.»


2 Responses to “Love beats hatred”

  1. Monica Says:

    I live in Norway. My niece has lost one of her friends in the shooting at Utøya. And I am left with a feeling that what this guy wants is to change our society, to make us more afraid, more hateful. But he´s not getting his way. Every single person I have spoken to have only stated the need to keep love in our hearts.
    Today I have showed my love and support for the victims and their families – and for the family of the killer (they are victims, too).

    • gullkorn Says:

      Thank you for sharing, Monica. I am sorry your niece lost one of her friends. We are all grieveing with her and everyone who has lost a loved one. Let’s keep love in our hearts!

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