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The painting of the prodical son januar 2, 2007

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There is story about a Chinese artist, a new Christian who wanted to paint the parable of the prodigal son. In his first attempt, he painted the father standing at the gate with his arms folded looking sternly down the road at a son coming. Another Christian explained to him that was not the picture of our heavenly Father. “But most fathers are that way”, said the artist. He was told that Jesus was trying to show what god was like with an unconditional love to those who come to Him. He repainted the picture and this time the father was running toward the son with his robes flapping in the wind and a look of joy on his face.

There was one thing the other did not understand this time for the father did not have on matching shoes. So he asked why? The artist simple replied that the father was so excited about reaching his son he grabbed the shoes nearest to him and ran for he did not care if the shoes matched or not. All that mattered was that his son was now found. Jesus showed us that love as He took on the form of a man.


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